Revitalise the Offer and the Image

Back to basics or big changes

4 October 2019

Make new from old, make global from local

Improving the Offer

How to be both ethical and effective

Enhancing the image


Thank you for attending the 11th Racing & Betting Forum in Paris

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s event and learned from the speakers as well as enhanced your list of useful contacts

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Aymeric Verlet

Directeur international at PMU

Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges

CEO at Hong Kong Jockey Club

Jürg Capol

Marketing Director of the International Ski Federation

Elisabeth Laville

Founder and Director of Utopies

Svein Morten Buer

Secretary General The Norwegian Trotting Association

Ian Catchick

Senior Director, Sports Product at Playtech BGT

Alastair Warwick

Chief Operating Officer, Ascot Racecourse Ltd

Gillian Wilmot

Chairman Senet Group

Jonathan Perrée

Head of Racing of the Channel Islands Horseracing Authority

Bruno Gay

Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA at Sportech

Laura Da Silva

Director at

Kevin Brocard

Director General at France Pari

Paull Khan

Secretary-General at European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation

Gerard Post Uiterweer

Chairman at Short Track Trotting Association of the Netherlands

Scott Shechtman

President at Longitude

Paul Cross

General Manager - International Business Development at Tabcorp

Jason Brautigam

Chief Executive at British Dressage and Director of Spirit Sports Marketing

Harald Dorum

EPMA Chairman


Day 1
04 Oct 2019

Registration Networking Lunch

CEO Debate: Back to basics or Big changes

Hans Lord Skarploth, CEO at AB Trav och Galopp, ATG
Cyril Linette, CEO at the PMU
Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO at the Hong Kong Jockey Club
Aymeric Verlet
Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges
Hans Lord Skarploth

Session 1 – Improving the Offer – make new from old, make global from local

Racing and betting is often seen as outdated and old fashioned, particularly in the fast moving, modern, consumerist driven culture that dominates the current trends in sport and media.  How do we revitalise the racing product to ensure that it remains relevant to future generations and inject new energy into pari-mutuel betting by harnessing technology to maximise its global appeal?

Keynote: Turning sustainability challenges into innovation opportunities: key learnings from the fashion industry

Elisabeth Laville, Agence Utopies


The Betting Product

Fixed-odd versus Tote – which one looks old fashioned?

Paul Cross, General Manager – international business development at Tabcorp

Tote Betting in Sport – For which generation and is it profitable?
Kevin Brocard, Director General at France Pari


Panel discussion - Common pools, Betting innovation and a place for a Global Bet?

Merged pool technology - Scott Shechtman, CFA at Longitude, Nasdaq

Ascot World Pool - Alastair Warwick, Managing Director at Ascot Betting and Gaming Ltd

Sportech on World Pool technology - Bruno Gay, Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA

Online Platform offer - Ian Catchick, Senior Director Sports Product at Playtech BGT Sports


The Racing Product
Panel discussion: Bringing horses to the people

Beach Racing
Jonathan Perree of the Channel Islands Racing Authority
Paull Khan, Secretary-General at European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation

City Racing in the Netherlands
Gerard Post Uiterweer, Chairman at Kortebaanbond


Keynote – Learn from the International Ski Federation – A new format for competition and broadcast
Jürg Capol, Marketing Manager at FIS

Jürg Capol
Elisabeth Laville
Jonathan Perrée
Bruno Gay
Kevin Brocard
Gerard Post Uiterweer
Scott Shechtman
Paul Cross

Session 2 – Enhancing the Image – how to be both ethical and effective

In the current climate it is no longer good enough to simply be an effective operator, we now have to be seen as ethical too. The public perception of racing is facing scrutiny like never before, with concerns over welfare at the forefront of political debate, while betting companies will increasingly need to demonstrate their integrity and good governance in order to satisfy customer expectations.  So how can we turn this to our advantage to enhance the image of our sport?

Keynote: Social Responsibility – we have to be even more ethic than other services companies, but are we?

Laura Da Silva, CEO of Silverfish – Doing well by doing good - is your business ready

In our sport?
Animal in Sport – The ethical image of racing
Svein Morten Buer, Secretary General at Norwegian Trotting Association

In our products?
Ethical advertising – best practices
Gillian Wilmot, Chair of The Senet Group

Svein Morten Buer
Gillian Wilmot
Laura Da Silva

Parisian Aperitif



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