First Round Table
Emerging Gambling Technologies – iPhones applications
An opportunity to review and discuss the latest developments and the implications of iPhones technologies for the gambling sector.

Are developers designing creative applications for tomorrow’s services?

Moderator: Ben PINNICK, Managing Director I-Neda

  iPhones applications: understanding the technical process Paul WOOD – Chroma Agency
  iPhones applications: commercial impact Simon BRYDON – Racing UK
  Future mobile applications: what could be developed for Racing? Marcus WAREHAM - mFuse
  mobile technologies to watch and expect in the coming years Mathieu DUBREU – Atos Origin
Debate and Q&A to discuss the impact of new technologies on the efficiency of operators and on the clients’ perceptions.
Second Round Table
Profiling and Managing International VIPunters
Who are they, what is their impact on the Pari Mutuel model, how to improve the relationship and services for VIP punters?

Moderator: Alexis MURPHY, Director – International Betting and Gaming Department, IIU

  Testimony of big spenders David EDELMAN – professional punters, Sol Mutuel
  Develop specific services for specific clients Dennis VERRIOS – TOTE Tasmania
  Position of Regulators John SABINI - New York State Racing and Wagering Board
  Can we draw from the experience of the Finance Industry? Arnaud de SERVIGNY – Imperial College
Debate and Q&A to discuss the potential impact on the Pari Mutuel model.
Conclusions : Philippe GERMOND, President PMU, Chairman EPMA



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